Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I've given up on another book, my third this year and second in a row (no wonder I'm behind on my goals). I got 100 pages into Hal Duncan's Vellum and I just can't bring myself to continue. The critical praise and blurbs it has gotten make mention that it's a difficult work and it definitely is. A difficult read isn't always a deal-breaker for me but the way this is written, in short bursts that shift in time and character without making a whole lot of sense, just is not appealing to me. Oh well. On to the new novel from T.C. Boyle...

I am now caught up on the current season of "Deadwood," thanks to HBO On Demand. I missed the first ep's premiere and then had no opportunity to see it while on vacation. I've watched the first 6 eps over the last few days and I am enjoying the show as much as usual. Great writing, intrigue, fascinating characters...what more can you want from a show? And why did it take me so long to catch up? Because I also had to catch up on "Entourage," which I actually watched this past Sunday at its usual time. More good stuff. "Lucky Louie?" Yech.

Went to pick up the new Golden Smog at Best Buy yesterday but was unable too due to a problem with their scanning equipment - none of the new releases were out in any department. One of the clerks searched a half of a huge pile for me (or so she said) without turning up one of the 8 copies in the store. It took some more searching on behalf of a different clerk today but I was finally able to walk out with it. I've listened to it once and it sounds good. You know, I really want that Gnarls Barkley disc too...

Started up a new session at work this week and it's been fun getting back into the swing of things and seeing a bunch of kids I haven't seen in a while.

Our anniversary was Monday but we didn't make a big deal what with me going back to work and Grant having his own swimming lessons and me having to go to band practice. But part of what makes our marriage work is not making a huge deal out of occasions like that and getting jealous or angry or what have you. It's been a good 13 years.

And tomorrow night is the debut of the full G's Livid Penny lineup. Can't wait!


Trevor Jackson said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!

Break a leg tonight.

Justin said...

Thanks, TJ!

theron said...

What TJ said!

P.S. Rhett Miller's latest album is pretty bad.

Justin said...

Thanks, Theron. It was fun. Wish you could have been there.

Sorry to hear you don't like the Miller album. To me, it's a real pop record in the best sense. It did take me a couple listens before I was fully with it, though.