Sunday, July 23, 2006


Plenty of news out on San Diego this weekend, where the biggest comics convention in the U.S. just wrapped up. I found one bit very interesting and pertinent to yesterday's post about the Justice League animated series...

Bruce Timm is overseeing a line of direct-to-video animated movies featuring adaptations of DC characters and stories. The initial batch is scheduled to feature New Frontier, which was a recent mini-series by Darwyn Cooke featuring a story set in the early days of the Justice League; Superman/Doomsday, which I'm assuming is the whole death of Superman story rather than the follow-up Dan Jurgens mini-series that came out a couple years after the original; and maybe most interestingly, "The Judas Contract," which was one of the biggest stories of the 80s about the betrayal of a member of the New Teen Titans. With Timm at the helm these should be of a high quality and I'm looking forward to seeing them and sharing them with Grant. (via Newsarama)

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