Thursday, July 13, 2006


Today's post makes 88 for this incarnation of my blog, which is the same number as the keys on a piano. That means it's only fitting that I mention the new music I picked up during my most recent eMusic month...

Shearwater/Palo Santo - I really like the music on this album but it's been hard to figure out the lyrics; the lead singer sings in a very high register, which may be contributing. I'm confident I'll figure it out or to put it another way, the music intrigues me enough to keep trying to figure it out.

Camera Obscura/Let's Get Out of This Country - I've pretty much become a Merge junkie and while this one doesn't hit me immediately like The Essex Green, there is definitely a lot to like on this album. A female lead singer doesn't hurt either.

Cracker/Greenland - I lost track of Cracker a few years back but a friend recommended their new one to me, so I jumped back in. They are still miming that classic rock vibe (with a little reggae thrown in) and I always fine David Lowery's lyrics worth a listen. Solid stuff.

TV on the Radio/Young Liars - That same friend also recommended the new TV on the Radio album but it's not available on eMusic just yet. And after listening to this EP, I hope the new one soon does show up because this is great music. I'd heard "Staring at the Sun" on KEXP but kind of lost it in the overwhelming volume of music I was hearing for the first time (this is around when I started listening to KEXP). This is really good music, capped off by a cover version of The Pixies' "Mr. Grieves." I most definitely want more.


Jeff said...

If you ever get the chance, see TV on the Radio live. Damn fine band! Same goes for Cracker/CVB.

theron said...

I just listened to Kerosene Hat over the weekend. Plus I find Forever to be a great album.

I find after another listen I don't share your enthusiasm for the Essex Green record.

Justin said...

I don't see bands live very often, Jeff, but I will keep it in mind.

I don't think I've heard Forever, Theron. And sorry you don't like The Essex Green stuff.

New Golden Smog this week!