Saturday, November 12, 2005


This week brought news I'd feared was coming - Fox canceled "Arrested Development." I was actually surprised they brought it back for a third season, after season 2's episode reduction. Technically, this season is also a reduction (down to 13 eps) but we'll be lucky if we see many of them before the final DVD gets released some time next year. And when you think about it, we're lucky that we'll end up with 53 episodes of this great sitcom. For Fox, that's pretty good.

It does sting, especially after Monday's back-to-back greatness. Tobias telling George Michael to have sex with Ann right then and there. Buster using his father's surrogate to build a train set with GOB. Michael and Steve Holt! training for the father/son triathlon. The continuing mystery of Rita. And the huge finale with Tobias dressed as a giant mole being attacked by George Michael in a jet pack, amidst a tiny town created to trick the Japanese investors. Plus, the return of Annyong!

This show has been brilliantly written and acted from the start and is one of my all-time favorite shows. It will be missed.


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tommie said...

wow, that's why I have to put in a secret word, because of these spammin' bastards.

I would love to sit down and watch 20 episodes in a row, just another entry for my netflix queue.

Justin said...

Get it as high on the queue as you can, Tom. Great stuff.