Tuesday, November 15, 2005


* Bruce Springsteen/Born to Run 30th Anniversary boxed set (I'm part of the way through the documentary disc about the making of the album)

* Wilco/Kicking Television: Live in Chicago (listening to disc 1 currently - "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" at this moment)

* Scrubs Season 2 (not yet out of the plastic)

* The Cosmology of the Wider World by Jeffrey Ford (ordered through Shocklines a while back and showed up out of the blue; saving it for the Thanksgiving trip)

* Sleep (good night!)


Trevor Jackson said...

I've been thinking about Wilco lately. Got pretty burned out on them late '03 into aught-four.

But on shuffle the other day, "Ashes of American Flags" popped and it was pretty transportive. Gotta pull me out some YHF this weekend.

Good to see you're back at it, Justin. I likes the Shooflypie.

Justin said...

If you're pulling some Wilco out, YHF is certainly the way to go. Well, that and Being There.

And thanks for coming back to look around, Trevor. I will be linking to you in the near future.