Sunday, August 12, 2007


A slow start to the day today, with a show last night plus a friend stopping by afterwards and no milk or butter for breakfast prompting a trip to the store. There is still cleaning to do and it's yet another weekend where I have to do progress reports for work. Still, I gotta do the shuffle...

1. Sin City/The Essex Green (16)
2. A Magazine Called Sunset/Wilco (2) - Wow, it's been almost a year since I downloaded this!
3. I Better Run/The Rosebuds (6)
4. Into the Open/Heartless Bastards (9)
5. Massive Nights/The Hold Steady (21)
6. Young Bride/Midlake (4)
7. The Mighty Midshipman/Centro-Matic (10)
8. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (demo)/Wilco (9)
9. Funny Little Frog/Belle and Sebastian (9)
10. writing snippet: Cream and Bastards Rule/Harvey Danger (7)

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