Sunday, June 07, 2009


I've decided to resume semi-regular posting to the blog with this, my 600th post. Now that summer's here I have some more to to devote to it and I've found I do miss it. I am not coming back with promises as to frequency of posts or as to what the subject matter will be, though I do have some ideas as to features. I do want to get away from my posts just being a series of lists, to bring some actual content. A quick perusal of my 2009 posts shows I haven't talked about any music or books or anything of substance, so there is quite a bit I could talk about. So please stop by occasionally or add me to your feed reader; I hope to entertain.


Paulie said...

I think somebody just really misses speaking Spanish and writing ethics papers.

Justin said...

Could be, Paulie. At least this will tide me over until I start speaking Spanish again and writing English papers.