Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today is my 15th anniversary. To celebrate, Jill and I are going to perform together tonight at an open mic - she will tap and I will play guitar. We're using a piece of music that I'd been fooling around with but couldn't mold into a song with lyrics; we've changed it a little bit and hope it will be fun to listen to. Okay, everyone will care more about what she's doing than me anyway, but that's fine. For my other song, I'm going to play "Let's Get Married Tonight," which isn't really about us though it does capture that feeling we had when we first got together almost 17 years ago. I've asked our friend Tom to play it with me, because I love what he adds to the song both on guitar and harmony (it's also his first night playing Front Porch as a Valpo resident). Should be a fun night...

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