Monday, April 10, 2006


My hand is not very pleased with me right now because I had to do 44 progress reports for my swimming classes from yesterday afternoon to this morning. Ouch. But outside of a few checkmarks or comments here and there I am finished for another session. This is the last week of the current one and then we start a new one next week; it will last 7 weeks, bringing us into early June. And then I'm taking 5 weeks off so we can go on vacation and all of that. Yay.

Anyway, I thought I've give a quick progress report on what else I've been up to the past week or so. Between the time change and going back to work and the death of one of our former drama kids, last week kinda got away from me.

I'm still working through The Empire of Ice Cream. I've now read 10 stories, leaving 4 to go. It's been great and I'm sad to see the book come to an end but the new David Mitchell, Black Swan Green, is due out tomorrow and I can't wait to sink my teeth into that one.

I also took some time out to read Seven Soldiers Vol. 2 and Ex Machina: Fact v. Fiction - reviews coming in the near future (at least that's the plan), as well as a story and the book reviews in the Apr. issue of F&SF (I have to finish that and then have the May issue and the June issue of Asimov's).

I picked up the new Flaming Lips last week and am eagerly awaiting the new Built to Spill and Calexico that come out tomorrow. I also used up the rest of my eMusic downloads for the period, picking up the Iron and Wine/Calexico EP (why didn't anyone tell me how great it was), Elliott Smith's Either/Or (followed a link on a whim), and another Brendan Benson track I didn't have (a McCartney cover).

The bass has been going pretty well. Graham came over and taught me a few things last Thursday and I now realize I need to think of it in terms of what notes are where. Makes sense, I know, but I needed to get that into my head. We also started writing a song together, which was cool. I'm also aiming for my open mic debut on April 21 - I will play guitar and sing a couple songs. Less than 2 weeks!

I've also been watching baseball. Of course. The Sox are off to a slower start than last year but I'm confident they will find their rhythm.

That's about it...


Little Toy Robot said...

I love Elliott Smith's old stuff. Very spare and raw.

Trevor Jackson said...

I agree with the LTR, E.Smith's first album on KRS (complete with the Royal Tenenbaum's "Needle in the Hay") is a must-have after Either/Or. And then you need XO. And From a Basement I and II. And Roman Candle.

Um, did I mention I like Elliott Smith? A relatively recent discovery for me, too.

Did I also mention that I'm deeply jealous of your work schedule?

My sympathies to you and your wife on your loss.

Justin said...

I like both periods of Elliott - that rawness LTR mentioned as well as the ornate pop of the later stuff.

I've been into Smith ever since XO came out, just never got around to the older stuff. I'm just missing Roman Candle now and Trevor reminded me I need to get those Basement b-sides off the internets...

As far as my work schedule, I don't get paid when I'm not it's a double-edged sword. I could work some of those weeks but I don't like leaving my classes in the hands of a sub. So I'll do some subbing when we're still in town and then be free to travel to NC and NY and points in between...