Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Today's news that Donald Rumsfeld will no longer be the Secretary of Defense makes me very very very happy. In fact, it almost makes me happier than the election results do. Almost. Democratic control of the House and Senate (looks like); a woman as Speaker of the House; a black governor elected for only the second time; even a Muslim candidate winning. Wow. Makes me feel good about the country and goes a long way towards erasing the despair from a couple years ago. A good day.


theron said...

Yeah, but the new guy, Gates, is repordetly on some "independent" committee reviewing the way forward in Iraq. He also happens to be president of Texas A&M, which houses the presidential library of one George H.W. Bush, and is a close family friend.


Time to face the SAME

Justin said...

Well, I don't hate the new guy yet. And I hated Rumsfeld even more than Bush, along with Ashcroft and Cheney. Now only one is left!