Sunday, October 01, 2006


Big week.

First and foremost are this week's music releases. The Hold Steady. Pernice Brothers. The Decemberists. Beck. Hard to beat that for a new music day, isn't it?

Tuesday brings the season premiere of "Veronica Mars." I actually get to see episodes as they air this year! Wednesday has the season premiere of "Lost" and Friday brings "Battlestar Galactica" (Netflix was making me wait, so I went out and bought the 2 DVD sets for Season 2 and currently have 7 episodes left to watch - I will be caught up!). Plus, the baseball playoffs start this week. Even though my White Sox did not make it, I will watch as much as I can because I love the game.

I will attempt to finish book #28 on the year (Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things) and jump right into book #29 (no idea what that will be yet).

Tomorrow Grant and I have dentist appointments and he starts a drama class at our local community theater guild; Tuesday I have an appointment to talk about getting snipped (yep, we've made the decision). On Wednesday I have to stay a little bit extra at work to teach for a co-worker; another co-worker is in New Orleans on a mission trip all week, which means I'll have to be on top of things even more in the pool. Friday brings an open mic and I'd like to finish some songs and do some new material. And I'm working on Saturday morning again this week.

Big week. I'm looking forward to it.


tom said...

hooray for Beck and the Decemberists (and sometimes the Pernice Brothers) !!!

theron said...

Nothing like finding out your brother is going to get a vasectomy FROM HIS BLOG.

Justin said...

Sometimes the Pernice Brothers, Tom? Sometimes?

What, Theron, you wanted a call about the old snip snip? Seriously, there's only about 5 people who read this thing and I'm fine with all of them knowing. Wait until I tell you what I have to do before the surgery...

tom said...

dude, I'm'a gonna get snipped soon - tell me what you have to do before the surgery.

theron said...

I realize you're probably fine with the 5 people who read this blog knowing, but it just seems like the kind of info you might convey to family members (no pun intended) in a different way, is all. Mom's done it to me via email.

And by the way, I'm averaging almost 30 reads per post on my blog.