Friday, June 23, 2006


I've been away from the blog for a while and that will most likely continue for a time since we are now physically away as well and internet access on Jill's laptop will be spotty at best from here on out. We are in Columbus, OH and will be leaving for North Carolina in the morning. Eventually we will make our way to NYC/NJ and Canada Lake in the Adirondacks of upstate New York.

I've been keeping busy with band practice and performances and work and watching 3 seasons of "Scrubs" on DVD and the first season of "24" as well. I read Ian McDonald's River of Gods in there too.

I have my guitar along with me and a bunch of CDs (can't get enough of The Essex Green's Cannibal Sea) and a handful of books like Chris Roberson's Paragea and the latest Invincible trade. Plus, we're hanging out with family on both sides and have plenty to do as well. Oh, "Superman Returns" is on that list.

Anyway, I may get a chance to check in but you'll probably have to wait a few more weeks before I start getting into any sort of posting groove again. Take care of yourselves and I'll talk to you soon.

Saturday, June 03, 2006


My father-in-law sold his house recently; he's been living in Columbus, OH with his new wife and no longer needed the house in Maysville, KY. He'd been planning on giving us some furniture from the house - mainly a bed and nightstands. Our bed is old and creaky and the one he had was much newer and slightly bigger. He signed the closing papers on May 22 and then loaded up a U-Haul and drove up to us. In addition to the bed and nightstands he brought and chair and some lamps and another nice piece where he stored his albums and a futon. Our house is small, so not everything could be used inside. We do have a porch that becomes an extra room in the summertime and Jill rearranged things so the futon could fit.

Yesterday I spent a lot of time on the futon and it was very nice. It was a beautiful day out and the futon was very comfotable. I read quite a bit of Absurdistan out there yesterday and also took a little nap. Watched some sports too. I'm looking forward to a summer of the futon. Thanks, Dad.

Oh, and I read 230 pages of Absurdistan yesterday and finished the book. I liked it. I'll say more once I get around to a proper review (which will be in September at my current rate of speed). Next up in the reading queue is Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness and then the July issue of Asimov's and then Hal Duncan's Vellum.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


My brother pointed out on the phone last night that I hadn't updated my blog. My head's been full of a lot of the blah blah lately and I've haven't been feeling too coherent. I laid off the guitar for a few days as well. Part of my problem is that the current session at the Y is almost at an end...two classes tomorrow and then I'm off for a week! I love my job but I'm ready for a bit of a break.

I've also been distracted the last few days by "Scrubs." I picked up Season 3 on DVD when it came out the other week and hadn't gotten around to it yet. Jill started watching the show with me when it came back in January, so I thought she'd want to go back and watch the third season with me. She did...but then she decided we should go back to Season 1. I was happy to oblige - it's a funny show and well worth watching multiple times. So the last few days have been devoted to whipping through the first season and this afternoon we started on Season 2. Which means we have about 40 episodes or so to watch yet.

And now that the current season of "24" is over I can allow myself to start watching Season 1, which Grant and Jill got me for my birthday. This was the first time I watched the show and it hooked me big time. The season finale was great. So was the season finale of "Lost," for that matter.

I've been reading too, of course. I need to do reviews for The Empire of Ice Cream and Black Swan Green and Apex Hides the Hurt and The History of Love. Plus I'm working through Absurdistan right now.

I'm quite behind on talking about music too. Today I started listening again to everything I've bought or downloaded so far this year and the plan is to write about all of it. We'll see.

I have been doing the open mic thing still - tonight was my fifth overall. I played "That's Okay" and quickly learned a Dramarama cover ("Work for Food") to help celebrate the 15th anniversary of Front Porch Music. My performances are getting better but my fingers still want to move strangely at times. Ah well.

Happy birthday, Theron!